Contemporary Russian Art


Stanislav was born in the Republic of Moldova in 1970. In 1985-1990, he studied in the Republican College of Fine Arts in Chisinau. He currently resides with his wife, Larisa, and their two daughters in the town of Korolyov, right outside of Moscow, Russia.

Stanislav is a member of Russia's Union of Artists and the UNESCO International Association of Fine Arts. From 1999, he has regularly exhibited his works in Moscow halls and galleries. In 2001, he was named laureate at the young artists exhibit The 21st century has begun. His last solo exhibit took place in the Korolyov History Museum in October-November, 2006.

Stanislav is also known for his illustrations for encyclopedias, fiction and children's books. In 2006, he illustrated a new edition of Russian fairy tales for Readers' Digest.

Stanislav works in the realist tradition of the Itinerants. He has an ardent passion for history and sets many of his paintings in a historical context, accurately reproducing costumes and other details.

His paintings are held in private collections in Russia, USA, Sweden, Germany, China, and other countries.

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