Contemporary Russian Art


Evgeny Gor was born in Saltykovka, a Moscow suburb, in 1950. In 1973, he graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. He has participated in exhibitions since 1974. In 1980-1985, Evgeny was part the Belyutin studio. In 1983, he joined the Moscow Union of Artists.

Among Evgeny’s personal exhibitions are those in the Ruth Leuchter Gallery in Dusseldorf in Germany in 1989, A-3 Gallery in Moscow in 1993, Salustovich Gallery in Bielefeld in Germany in 1994, The Russian Culture Foundation in Moscow in 1997, Manezh Gallery in Moscow in 1999, Dr. Bamberger Haus Museum in Rendsburg in Germany in 1999.

Evgeny's most notable group exhibits include XII Biennale of Applied Graphic Art in Brno in Czechoslovakia in 1986, Neuvostoliiton Nuorta Taidetta in Turku in Finland in 1988, Labyrinth in Moscow in Russia, Hanover and Hamburg in Germany and Warsaw in Poland in 1988-1989, Collection-89 in Helsinki in Finland in 1989, Red and White in Warsaw in Poland and in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1989-1990, Pittori Moscoviti Contemporanei at Palazzo Rondanini alla Rotonda in Rome in Italy in 1990, Junge internationale Kunst in EP-Galerie in Dusseldorf in Germany in 1991, Contemporary Soviet Artists in the City Gallery in Melbourne in Australia in 1991,
Russian paintings at Le Cadre Gallery in Hong Kong in 1991, in Gildhof Culture Center in Tilt, Strombeek-Bever in Brussels, in Berghem and Antwerp in Belgium in 1995, Galleries in a Gallery in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow in 1996, Plains Art Museum in Fargo in USA in 1998, Museum of Russian and East-European Art in Ramat-Gan in Israel in 1999, Mittelrhein Museum in Koblenz in Germany in 2001, Abstract Art in Russia:The Twentieth Century in the Russian Museum in 2001, Moscow Abstraction: Second Half of the 20th Century in the Tretyakov Gallery in 2003, Eurographics. Moscow-2004 in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2004 and Revision of Material in the Tretyakov Gallery in 2005-2006.

Evgeny's works are found in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow; The Russian Culture Foundation in Moscow, Schleswig-Holstein Museum in Germany, as well as in other museum and collections in Russia and other countries.

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