Contemporary Russian Art


Gennady was born in 1942 in Vladivostok to a family of a military officer. He began to draw and photograph at an early age. Gennady moved to Leningrad in 1965 to enter the Mukhina School of Art and Industry. While working as a welder at the Admiralty Shipyard, he studied painting in the studio of Pugachyov. In 1967, he met with Vladimir Sterligov (1904-1973) and Tatyana Glebova (1900-1985) who were disciples of Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935) and Pavel Filonov (1883-1941) respectively. Instead of entering the Mukhina School, he decided to learn art from those living representatives of Russian avant-garde.

In 1971, Gennady moved to Moscow where he worked in the areas of photography, sculpture, applied art and movie production. He created elements of interior decor for several public buildings in Moscow, including the Sovremennik theater, the Ministry of Justice, the Moskva Hotel, the Sayany movie theater. Gennady has been a member of the International Federation of Artists from 1999.

Among Gennady’s personal exhibit are those in the Sterligov studio in Leningrad in 1987, the Central House of Artists in Moscow in 1995, the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Warsaw in Poland in 1997, the Russian General Consulate in Krakow in Poland in 1998, the Nevograph Gallery in St. Petersburg in 1998, the State Institute for Studies In the Arts in Moscow in 2000.

Principal group exhibits include those in the Haas Palace of Culture in Leningrad in 1974, Sterligov, Glebova and Disciples in Sterligov’s studio in Leningrad in 1977, International Enamel Exhibition in Moscow in 1995, Sterligov and His Disciples in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg in 1996, Sterligov and Lakin in the Central House of Artists in Moscow in 1997, West-East in the Gorlitzy Art Gallery in Poland in 2000, Paper Sculpture in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg in 2001, Collage in Russia. 20th century at the State Pushkin Fine Arts Museum in Moscow in 2004, Collage in Russia: the 20th Century in the Russian Museum in 2005.

Gennady’s works are found the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, as well as in private collections in Russia, Canada, Estonia, Netherlands, Poland and other countries.

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