Mikhail Berkos, 1861-1919

Berkos was born on September 3, 1861 in Odessa. His father Andrey Ignatievich Berkos, a subject of Greece, served in the firm Bellino Fender, his mother Martha Ivanovna came from a Russian noble family.The family lived in their house on Pushkinskaya.
Mykhailo Berkos first studied painting in Odessa Drawing School, graduating in 1877. Then he continued his education at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, where he studied from 1878 to 1889 in the studio of Mikhail Clodt and Volodymyr Orlovsky He got a small and large silver medals (1884–1886), a small gold medal for the painting View of one of the oldest parks in St. Petersburg (1887), a gold medal for the painting Landscape. Forest in the swamp (1888). During the holidays he came to Kharkiv with fellow artists and painted landscapes, in particular sketch Full poppies (1885). In 1889 he graduated from the academy with the rank of first degree class artist and the right to travel abroad at public expense (pension).
From 1890 to 1893 Berkos as a pensioner of the Academy traveled by Europe, studying art of museums in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland.[3] He painted a lot, perfected his technique, was influenced by Impressionism and en plein air painting. After the expiration of the pension Berkos lived in St. Petersburg for some time and presented his paintings at exhibitions of societies of artists.