Konstantin Matveevich Lomykin

Konstantin Matveevich Lomykin

1902 —1993
  • People's Artist of Ukraine

Konstantin Lomykin studied at the Odessa Art College from 1946 until 1951. In 1953 he became a member of the Union of Artists. In the same year he had his first exhibition. Important shows include the All-Union Exhibitions in 1951 and 1952 in Moscow and many group exhibitions in the Soviet Union (Moscow, St Petersburg, Odessa, Kiev and Minsk) and abroad (the USA, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Yugoslavia).

He also had several solo exhibitions, including Kharkov (1954, 1963), Hamburg (1971), Odessa (1974), Kiev (1956, 1957, 1974), Tokyo (1979), Tokomatsu (Japan, 1981), Helsinki (1982), Alma Ata (1985) and Moscow (1986). A large exhibition of Lomykins work was organised in the Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum in Domburg, Holland with a beautiful catalogue about Russian art in general and a second part about Lomykins life and work.

Lomykin is seen as of of the most important realist paintings of the Odessa school. His canvases show nature suffused with life and feeling. The painter devoted much attention to still lifes and portraits.  Nudes - an eternal theme in the world of art - held an important place in Lomykin's work. He also depicted many ballet dancers of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre. These are very often pastels, a medium in which Lomykin has achieved the heights of virtuosity. The essence of Lomykin's art can be estimated by the generosity with which he gives all of himself to this work and the artistic and thematic tasks that he set himself, applying all his effort to bringing out the beauty of man and nature.