Nikolai  Gritsenko

Nikolai Gritsenko

1856 —1900
Nikolai Nikolaevich Gritsenko was born in Kuznetsk in 1856. Studied at Kronshtadt Maritime College; at Imperial Academy of Arts in 1885-1887; in Paris. Began exhibiting in 1886. A gifted artist early on, he studied initially under Lagorio at the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg, and was then sent to Paris to study with Bogoliubov and Cormon. In 1890, the year he executed the present lot, he accompanied Tsesarevich Nikolai Aleksandrovich, future Emperor Nikolai II, on his Eastern Journey of 1890-1891. Exhibited with Imperial Academy of Arts; MOLKh; St. Petersburg Society of Artists; Society of Russian Watercolorists; Itinerants in 1897-1899. Specialized in naval subjects. Official artist of Maritime Ministry from 1894. Died in Menton, France in 1900.