Top lots of the upcoming summer Russian Art Week in London
The Russian Art Week will take place from 4 - 6 June in London, featuring lots from the four auction houses which traditionally participate in the event. Below is the English summary of the top lots of the summer.

The auction schedule is as follows:

4 June — Christie’s
5 June — Sotheby’s
6 June — MacDougall’s
6 June — Bonham’s


Boris Grigoriev, La Mére Agathe, 1924, Christie’s
Boris Grigoriev is one of the more colorful representatives of the Mir Isskustva. He escaped Russia after the revolution, ending up in Europe where he painted a lot of work. The work created in the 1920s successfully toured Europe and the US, where La Mére Agathe was sold and remained in the same family until 1993. The estimated price is £250–350 thousand.

Yuri Annenkov, L’Arc de Triomphe, Christie’s
This large scale landscape by the famous Russian avant-garde and theatre artist comes from a private British collection. The last time the work appeared in Russia was in 2008, at the “Time to collect: exhibition of Russian art from private collections” in the Russian Museum. The estimated price is £100–150 thousand.

Fabergé, A petrified wood model of a chimpanzee, 1915, Christie’s
This unique figure with rose diamond eyes was purchased in the London branch of Fabergé in 1915. It is accompanied by the original case and serial number. The estimated price is £100–150 thousand.

Kazimir Malevich, The Secret Of Temptation, 1908, Sotheby’s
This early work by Malevich, painted soon after his return to Moscow, is double sided: on the backside of this watercolor is a portrait of Ivan Kliun. This piece appeared at auction once before in 2001 and comes from the private collection of Nikolai Khardzhiev. The estimated price is £250–350 thousand.

Pavel Tchelitchew, Excelsior, 1934, Sothesby’s
This piece was painted by Tchelitchew in Sussex, where he was the guest of collector and patron Edward James. The canvas remained in James’ collection until its sale in 1986. The estimated price is £250–350 thousand.

Ivan Aivazovsky , Chapel by the Coast on a Moonlit Night, 1851, Sotheby’s
This small canvas has a great provenance, it was bought by the Norwegian Andreas Whist and remained in his family until recent times. Estimated price £180–250 thousand.

Ivan Shishkin, Pine Forest. Yelabuga, 1897, MacDougall’s
This beautiful landscape appeared at a Christie’s auction in Geneve in 1994 where it sold for a very modest 40 thousands Swiss francs. Today, its estimated price is £0,8–1,2m.

Alexander Deineka, Woman in a Yellow Dress, 1955, MacDougall’s
Little is known about the origin of this piece by the famous Soviet artist. The painting comes from a private European collection and was included in the large publication of the artist’s work in 2008. It’s value is estimated at a £300–500 thousand.

Alexander Deineka, Still Life with Game, 1930s, Bonham’s
This much earlier Deineka is a still life from the collection of the family of the artist. Painted in the 1930s, the piece was exhibited as part of a anniversary exhibition of the artist’s work in 1989–1990. The asking price is £110–120 thousand.

Nicholay Roerich , Tower, 1913, Bonham’s
The Tower was painted as a sketch of a backdrop for the production of “Princess Malen”. It was part of the traveling exhibition of of Roerich’s work around the US and eventually settled for many years at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. The estimated price is £120–180 thousand.