Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé
Brand new exhibition titled “Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé” at the David Roche Foundation in Adelaide will showcase 150 pieces of some of Russia's most luxurious pieces of decorative art from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Many of the exhibits have never been seen before, which makes this exhibition an exciting cultural event and a rare opportunity to see some of the most opulent objects of Russian art.

The David Roche Foundation was originally established in 1999 by the late Mr David J Roche (1930-2013). The foundation was founded to serve as the custodian of the collection of antiques, paintings and objets d’art accumulated by Roche over his lifetime, in order to preserve it for future generations.

Roche was a devoted collector of antiques and fine art, and was acknowledged in both Australia as well as abroad as a respected collector.

He visited Russia for the first time in 1994 and was instantly enchanted by the country, the Russian people and their art. The last two decades of his life were spent assembling a collection of nearly 100 pieces of the best Russian art.

This is one of the most significant exhibitions in the Foundation‘s project history. The visitors will have the opportunity to view imperial portraits, exquisite porcelain and objects that once furnished the palaces of Catherine the Great, the Romanovs and Russia's aristocracy, but also the rare chance to see the works of Fabergé from some of the finest private collections in Australia.

The exhibition opened on 12 July and will run until 21 December 2019.