Revisiting Geliy Korzhev in Ca’Foscari
The director of Tretyakov Gallery, Zelfira Tregulova spoke with TANR about the reason the Museum is bringing the works of realist Geliy Korzhev, to Venice where it will be exhibited in Ca’Foscari alongside the Venice Biennale. The original interview in Russian is available here, and RA Gallery is offering an English translation for our non-Russian readers. 

Директор Третьяковской Галереи, Зельфира Трегулова, рассказала TANR о причине, по которой музей везет произведения реалиста Гелия Коржева в Венецию, где они будут экспонироваться в Ка'Фоскари параллельно с Венецианской Биеннале. Оригинальное интервью на русском языке доступно здесь , а RA Gallery предлагает перевод на английский язык для не русскоязычных читателей. 

Geliy Korzhev, ''A glass of milk'', 1984


What does the title of the exhibition “Return to Venice” mean? Was the artist already here once?
The exhibition corresponds with the 31st Venice Biennale of 1962, when the young Korzhev, who was then only 37 years old, became one of the main exhibitors of the USSR pavilion.

Will you be showing the works presented then? 
Of course, we will begin this exhibition with those works. The curators have conducted serious research in the archives, and we now have a list of exhibited works. Five paintings by Korzhev were sent to Italy then, four of those we will bring again. First of them, it is a triptych “The Communists”, painted in 1957–1960, from the collection of the State Russian Museum. Another work is "Artist" (1961) from the collection of Tretyakov Gallery. The fifth picture, which we decided not to bring, is in a museum of one of the former republics of the Soviet Union. Since we have limited finance for the exhibition, we realized that its delivery would be too complicated and expensive. Moreover, it really isn’t one of the main works by Korzhev, and we will provide quite similar pictures from the collection of the Institute of Russian Realistic Art.

But the project is, of course, not limited by these four previously exhibited works?
Of course not. It will be a major exhibiti