At RA Gallery we have more than 10 years of experience specializing in Russian and International Fine art and we are pleased to share it and advise in any related areas. 

Our services include:

    - Fine Art valuation and attribution, we may help to determine the real market value and authenticity of your work(s). Please contact us if you would like to appraise your work(s).

    - Collection management. We may help to build up a collection or sell it if you have decided to part with it. At RA gallery we may not only help to find a new home for the art objects, but to do it with an investment angle. It is very important not only to find a quality piece of art but also to buy or sell it at the right time for the right price. Following a steady global growth of the art market it is also vitally important to choose an art school or a group of artists that would bring a good return on the investment. Russian art is one of the fastest growing segments of the market today and includes a number of art periods to suit different tastes, from Classics of 18-19th century to Avantgarde of the 20th century followed by Soviet realism and Formalism, ending with Nonconformist art of the 1960s. However a professional advise is essential in order to build up a solid collection eliminating fakes and buying works with an investment potential.

    - Consignments. We may consign your items adding them to the gallery stock. Both online and real consignment forms are available. If you would like us to review your works and discuss the conditions, please send your inquiry to